One of the signs of an alpha male is often associated with a deep and dominant voice. This observation is equally true for humans as it applies within the animal kingdom; particularly with higher primates such as monkeys. Let us look at some ways in which this perception can be achieved as well as why a lower voice is so powerful.

Exercises to Naturally Lower the Pitch

One common method is to consciously try to relax the muscles around the throat and the windpipe, as these will affect the pitch. Other alternatives include breathing naturally when speaking and changing one’s tone of when humming. These conscious efforts will produce noticeable results.

The Science Behind the Strength

There are several evolutionary theories in regard to the power behind a strong voice. First, male animals with deeper pitches correlated with higher levels of testosterone. They were therefore more likely to produce healthy offspring; quite appealing to potential female mates. During the days of the caveman, this tonality could carry further physical distances; helping to warn others of approaching dangers and increasing the chances of survival. The loudest “roar” within the animal kingdom also signified dominance and pack leadership. Modern examples can be seen in species such as wolves and lions.

Articulation and Word Usage

Verbal language is just as important as a deep and sonorous tone. Those who speak clearly and distinctly are likely to gain more followers and as a result, obtain a higher status within a group environment. Well-versed articulation also promotes a certain amount of interpersonal trust. This is another hallmark of the alpha male. Language therefore plays a crucial role alongside basic tonality.

Listening as a Part of Loudness

Never forget that a well-respected leader is not only the loudest in the room, but the individual who also has the power to listen intently to what is being said. Dominance alone is not sufficient to establish interpersonal rapport. While superior levels of testosterone are all well and good, the fact of the matter is that achieving empathy with an audience is just as much of a powerful tool.

The Power of the Presentation

There is a very real psychology behind alpha males and some of this is on a conscious level. Speaking clearly and calmly exudes a sense of confidence. Guest speakers and lecturers are often taught this when learning how to present themselves to the public. Listeners will trust what it is the speaker has to say if he presents himself in a concise and informed manner. This is the same reason why rushing through a speech tends to produce negative overall results. This is also the reason why certain leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill resonated so deeply with the public.

We can now see that there are numerous factors associated with deeper vocal tones. While testosterone is indeed a key element, the fact of the matter is that there are numerous ways to achieve this audibly desirable status.


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